#Anonymouse: like Banksy, but for mice

Mouse street art

Anonymouse has been running around the streets of Malmö, Sweden leaving behind teeny restaurants with extensive cheese and nut menu options.



In addition to their international nut offerings, the little establishments promote events of interest to their rodent clientele, such as the concert “Night of the Were-Rat” and art installation “Maus: the Exhibition.”


The Italian restaurant, Il Topolino, even had the pleasure of serving a real mouse:


Fueled by community interest, the miniature scene has grown over the past months, with various on-lookers adding their own miniatures. Here are some good ones:

Mice in love!


More posters! Including one with an inspirational quote: “Today I do it differently, the mouse thought, and chased the cat.”


And finally, with the hashtag #dinnerdategonnaendbadly, this:


The creators behind Anonymouse remain secret but run a highly popular instagram account, where they promise to make 2017 full of mini surprises.


Can someone please do this is in Paris? Thanks.


Via The Local and Metro.



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