Friday roundup, January 6

#1. Is this the tiniest chess set in the world?

It’s creator, Italian miniature artist Gilberto Vavalà, thinks so.

And it’s for sale in his etsy shop.

#2. Miniature tipis from the early 1900s

Girls from the Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation were photographed playing with miniature tipis in 1908.

In Cheyenne culture, women were charged with the making of tipis. So these girls were not just playing, but likely also practicing for the future. (Copyright of Julia E. Tuell, 1908. Photo courtesy of the Library of Congress.)

#3. The best gingerbread house of the season

This dollhouse replica of Waddesdon Manor took 500 hours to complete.


#4. Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5.

This kickstarter board game, featuring awesome miniatures, raised 5 million in one weekend.


#5. Coup de Coeur

I love this Gottchalk dollhouse for sale on ebay…

I have a soft spot for these. Blue-roofed Gottschalk dollhouses were produced from around 1873 to 1912 by the German maker Moritz Gottschalk. They were often covered in lithographic paper that mimicked the architecture of the time.

#6. And finally…

Holy shit, not the chandelier!


That’s all! 🙂 Happy Sunday.

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