What if little people lived in your computer?

A different kind of spyware

Chiron Bramberger is a tech enthusiast and miniature lover who likes to make art and music out of old computer parts. One day, in a stroke of genius, he arranged his mom’s miniatures in a computer, thus imagining a world in which an average, tiny, family moves into your pc.

Every computer dollhouse needs a gumball machine.
This little family, like most families, enjoys cracker jacks and coke.
These tiny computer people play instruments and use computers, just like us.

When I first saw these photos, my brain went straight to spyware – they know all our secrets! The little people are bad! (Even if they have chosen rather average decor…)

But now I’m thinking… what if the little people are just…us?  Bramberger has figured out that our world is so digitized that a computer is as much of a home to us as the thing that shelters us from cold. Yup.




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