The strange, seductive world of high-fashion dolls

This is not for children (and possibly NSFW)

Feast your eyes on these strange and beautiful creatures, each of which requires 6 months to a year of prototyping.


The Popovy sisters, Russian twins Ekaterina and Elena, combine their training in fashion design and doll-making to produce insanely popular ball-joint dolls and accessories. They’re so popular, in fact, that there’s often a waiting list for their clients, an elite group of fashion designers, artists, photographers, and collectors.

Here’s what the sisters have to say about their artistic process:

Huge amount of preparative work is behind every collection. First an idea/emotion is born and we develop a concept of a project. Then we start preparative work: we learn the history, search for the images, develop the texture, choose technique and draw sketches. Figure’s gesture, stylization, artistic delivery and costume design all of this goes along with one theme to express the idea to maximum extent.

Save for their questionably-tiny necks and waists, the dolls are ultra-realistic, down to their genitals.


This, combined with the use of sexual imagery in the photographs, adds to a sense of discomforting intrigue. It calls to mind the dolls’ real-life, fashion-industry counterparts.


These dolls have some kind of hold over me because I can’t stop staring.


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ROYALS collection

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PUPA collection

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If you haven’t had enough yet, check out the gallery on their website for more mouthwatering photographs and to see their accessories line.

The Popovy sisters

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