Tiny stuff I found on the web this week, brought to you by a boar’s head

#1. It is now possible to step inside a dollhouse.

This little girl did it using virtual reality, and the video of her reaction is adorable. If you do one thing today, I highly suggest you explore the 3D images that her dad used to create the virtual experience and think about what this means for the miniature world. What if we could actually STEP INSIDE our creations? The future is here people.


#2. These pics of a dollhouse-inspired fashion show from last year are stunning.

Photo courtesy of the Daily Mail
Photo courtesy of the Daily Mail

#3. If you like dollhouse renovation stories, you should follow Allie’s House on instagram.

She decided to renovate her Lori dollhouse in an industrial/loft style. This is how it’s sold on Target’s website:


This is the renovation so far (it’s not complete):


Can’t wait to see the final thing!


#4. This instagram account makes me reconsider my lack of interest in dolls…


So chic. Check out the Spanish-language blog for more photos.


#5. Enough with dollhouses. Light bulbs work just fine.


Yaakov Blumental sells his miniature works – get in contact here.

#6. Because I always need a little weird in my life, here’s some eerie miniature photography.

View this post on Instagram

Encounter on Route 3 (green)

A post shared by @ smallish_things on


And finally, the featured image is a wonderfully bizarre boar’s head, currently available for purchase at D. Thomas Fine Miniatures. I have a lot of questions about this boar, by the way. What happened to it? Is it covered in barbecue sauce?

That’s all, folks! If you’ve read this far, it means you like what you see. Scroll all the way down and add your email to get regular updates from La Vie Mini. Do you have suggestions, critiques, or article ideas? Please email me at laviemini@gmail.com. The blog is two weeks old and I’m still learning lots. The website is getting a revamp this weekend, so check back for design improvements and new comment sections 🙂

I’ll leave you with an image of someone who would like me to please put the computer down now and take him for a goddam walk. Have a nice weekend!



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