Why is the vintage Polly Pocket market exploding?

The 90s kids want their toys back…

Does the following ad make you want to get on Ebay right now and buy all of the Polly Pockets? If yes, then you probably grew up in the 90s and we have something in common.

Maria Sozopoulou is a fellow millennial, Plato expert, Hellenic philosopher, and Greek Polly Pocket collector who runs a highly popular youtube channel. Her oddly soothing videos, set to classical music, show her prodding various toys and movable objects in her collection.

Maria received her first Polly Pocket at the age of 10 and became instantly obsessed. Because she lived in Greece, however, they were expensive and difficult to obtain, leading her to give up the hobby altogether in 1998. She returned to Polly Pockets many years later when, in 2010, she noticed them being sold at the market for as little as one Euro.

Since then, Maria has amassed an impressive collection, which, though huge, is still incomplete. And because history has a funny way of repeating itself, she’s recently found herself in the same position she was in as a 10-year-old girl: Polly Pockets are too expensive. Not because of import taxes and undervalued currency this time. Today’s culprit is millennial nostalgia.

Polly Pocket ring, courtesy of Bustle
A Polly Pocket necklace, courtesy of LovePollyPocket
Photo courtesy of lovepollypocket


Heidi from Flanders, Belgium, is another collector who finds herself suddenly less able to afford these tiny plastic wonders. After being diagnosed with cancer a few years back, a forced hiatus from her outdoor activities led Heidi to take up a new hobby: Polly Pockets. She runs a beautiful instagram account, where she showcases her favorites.


Heidi and Maria agree that that skyrocketing prices of vintage Polly Pockets are due to a general wave of nostalgia for vintage things, mixed with greater purchasing power of 90s kids. Today, you can find Polly Pockets on Ebay for upwards of $700. This Polly Pocket “Musical Dream Wedding,” never opened, is currently on sale for $500:


Currently on ebay

Maria often receives emails from young parents hoping to buy the same toys for their children that they themselves played with as a child. When I asked her why she thinks this is, Maria’s response is that toys today simply aren’t the same. Peeling open a Polly Pocket, layer by layer, reveals little surprises and moving parts. There are few toys so creatively designed, beautifully colored, uncontroversial, and…well tiny on the market today for kids. Maria’s so convinced of this, she’s even thinking of starting a petition to get Mattel to bring Polly Pocket back in her original version.


If you were a 90s kid like me that played with Polly Pockets, now is the time to ask mom and dad where they stored your old toys. With any luck, we’ll all make a quick 600 bucks.


Via Bustle (a great cure for a case of nostalgia) and onlypollypocket.com (the Polly Pocket collector’s Bible)

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