All the tiny things I found online this week

#1. Well this isn’t going to be easy…

D. Lointhier, the artist behind the Versailles and Trianon Project, aims to create a model Chateau de Versailles as it was during the reigns of Louis XIV, Louis XV and Louis XVI (1715 – 1789). Here are photos of his progress. You can follow him on Instagram and Facebook.

#2. This 19th century French diorama can be yours for $4,465.53.

#3. There’s a facebook group and twitter account dedicated to Stonehenge models. And they’re not always, um, historically accurate.

There’s stonehenge chalk. Or chalkhenge.

Stonehenge ice cream. Creamhenge?


More cheesehenge.


And butterhenge:


#4. I’m loving these stop-motion Barbie videos

✨Fairytale Lineup – 🎶 Gospel by Format:B

A post shared by Stop-Motion Animation (@dollpower) on

For more videos, check out Dollpower on instagram and twitter.

#5. Petros Chrisostomou loves to play with scale in his photography.

You can check out more of his work here.


That’s all! Have an awesome weekend 🙂

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