All the tiny things that caught my eye this week

#1. Gulliver’s Gate is coming sooner than you think to the heart of NYC! Get excited!


Image may contain: one or more people, outdoor and water

Image may contain: outdoor

Image may contain: one or more people, outdoor and water

You can follow their progress on their website and facebook.


#2. I’m sort of in love with these pole-dancing Barbies…

I go to pole dancing classes in Paris from time to time, whenever I feel like humiliating myself (it’s a sport, and it’s hard). So when I saw these Barbies, I got a little too excited. Here is my expert commentary on their skillz:

In the following photograph, the doll is clearly mid-spin. It looks like a variation of the stag spin, where instead of folding the other leg back she’s kept it straight. Props for being able to look at the camera while spinning. But it’s still a beginner’s move.


In the classic sit move, you’re generally straddling the pole with your legs, not sitting completely on the outside of it. I give this next one props for her ab muscles which have got to be strong even though I know she is resting her butt on her left fist for support. (don’t forget, those shoes are heavy!).


Next, we have a physics-defying situation. All I can say is girl, you are wasting energy by not actually hooking your right leg to the pole. I wish I had her flexibility tho.


In conclusion, the Christmas tree backdrop is awesome, but these dolls could use a few more pole-dancing lessons. For more (including yoga!) follow Bonbonygram on Instagram.


#3. In keeping with my miniature car junkyard theme this week, here are some tiny cars in trouble from artist Jason Van Horne.

View this post on Instagram

#flashflood #diecast #disasterzone #abandoned

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Follow Jason van Horne for more “small scale depictions of large scale disasters.” (And thanks dollpower for helping me discover this artist).


#4. Masaya Okada is a miniature artist who recreates famous paintings.

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Detail. left wing. Miniature reproduction. Botticelli " La Primavera " Acrylic, fake gold leaf (brass) on cardboard. Size: 85x130mm(1/24 scale) This frame was also my handmade. Wooden moldings, fake gold leaf(brass) , acrylic. Size:100x145mm. Ordered work. Price 100,000yen. 全て仕上げました。 これは左翼の詳細。 ミニチュア模写、ボッティチェリ「ラ・プリマヴェーラ」 厚紙に偽金箔(真鍮)押し、アクリル絵の具。 サイズは85x130mm(1/24スケールです) 額も自作品で、モール加工、組み合わせに偽金箔(真鍮)押し、アクリル絵の具。 依頼品です。 こちらの価格は10万円。 #アート#アートワーク#ドローイング#アクリル画#アクリル絵の具#アクリル#模写#ミニチュア#細密画#ボッティチェリ#ドールハウス#art#artwork#acrylic#acrylicart#acrylicpainting#miniature#drawing#dollhouseminiatures#dollhouse#fineart#painting

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#5. These minis from Atelier Vanilla inspired me this week.


That’s it! Have an awesome weekend!!


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