I’m a Paris-based American who loves dollhouse miniatures, weird dolls, tiny collectibles, and antique curiosities. I’m infinitely intrigued by the odd mini, the one that stands out, maybe not because of its shape or color but because its artist was a prisoner of war who carved the bone fragments left over from his food rations. Or because its creativity was the product of grief over a lost child in the 1860s. I approach modern miniature artists and collectors with the same discerning eye for uniqueness, weirdness, and storytelling. And I love a pretty picture 🙂

This blog is brand new. It’s not being used for commercial purposes, and all items in my Mini Shop are curated by me. What would you like to read about? Contact me!! Every time I get an email from a reader I get a little ping of excitement. I want this blog to work, and it can’t work without your input. Don’t forget to sign up to get email alerts when I post something new at the bottom of the page. Please also take the time to like my facebook page (guys, I need more likes…), and follow me on instagram and Twitter. Thanks!

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