Mini Market

All modern dollhouse miniatures, tiny antiques, dolls, and other curiosities and collectibles on this page are hand-selected by me! 

Antique wood and lithographed Bliss dollhouse from the 1890s from Ruby Lane


vintage files.jpg
Miniature vintage-looking file folder from Lady Delaney


Miniature photo album of the Carol and Barry Kaye Museum of Miniatures, from Marvelty Vintage


schoolgirls weekly.jpg
Miniature vintage-looking Schoolgirls Weekly magazine (1933) from Dateman Books


Antique doll in an egg (Simon & Halbig All-Bisque Mignonette) from Belle Epoque Dolls


mini vintage game.jpg
Miniature vintage-looking “around the world” game from Gael Atelier


Screen Shot 2017-02-05 at 1.49.41 PM.png
Pair of captain chairs from D. Thomas Fine Miniatures


Teeny tiny antique English Bijou almanac for 1838, from Celtic Curios

Screen Shot 2017-02-05 at 1.47.42 PM.png
Gold tea set in a wooden case from D. Thomas Fine Miniatures


vintage malted milk.jpg
Vintage-looking malted milk from Wickerville


paper dolls.jpg
Antique paper dolls (1890-1900); museum quality (for the big spenders), from Sophie Sienna Vintage


tiny rabbit.jpg
Tiny rabbit from Deb Jackson Designs


Vintage salesman sample hat from Finds From Yesteryear


A tiny witch table from S&S Sweet Minis
You probably won’t find me with a normal sized one, but super tiny Lord’s Prayer, YES PLEASE. On sale this week at Karen Nyman Miniature Books.
Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 1.26.41 PM.png
Canteen from D. Thomas Fine Miniatures
Tiny, antique tintype photography that would look great in a dollhouse, from Ruby Lane
Tiny wall from Stranger Things from Awesome Thanks Minis
Antique Christian Hacker Queen Anne style dollhouse for sale on Ruby Lane for 26k
Paper ferris wheel from Paperholm (Charles Young)
Mini drone by My Tiny Objects

Stunning antique French boudoir half doll from White and Faded

3D printed slanted bookshelf from Shapeways
1:12th scale doll, fully articulated from Twelvemo (wouldn’t this look awesome in a cabinet of curiosities?)
Mini sketchbook by Caracoja Sketchbooks

12 goth books for a dollhouse by Transylvanian Doll

“Art in a Box” by Michael Yurkovic, from D. Thomas Fine Miniatures
A blue delphinium garden plant from Botiny Miniatures
Dollhouse miniature macaroon log from Double N Minis
Vintage French post office dated around 1907 from Belle Epoque Dolls

Miniature bathroom bottles and soap from Artistique

Antique miniature (3.5x2cm) silver bag containing souvenir photos of a beach town in France circa 1900 from Il était une fois…en France. SOLD

Mid-century modern Jens Quistgaard desk from Anatolian Miniature

Dollhouse-sized Romeo and Juliet fully readable book from California Favorites 4u ENDED

Miniature replica of a vintage folding dollhouse…so a mini mini, from Gael Atelier
An antique-looking or Harry Potter bookcase by Petite Unique
Miniature medieval Horn Book with Abacus from Calico Jewels
Historic (not antique) miniature maps of Paris, Amsterdam, Italy, and plenty of other regions from Dateman Books
Miniature time capsule from Lady Delaney

Original vintage Jackie And Caroline Kennedy paper dolls from Magic Wand Uncut


A medieval Celtic Hnefatafl game board for a dollhouse from Calico Jewels

Antique-looking perfumes from Deb Jackson Designs
A vintage-looking TINY paper toy theatre for a dollhouse from Artistique
Books that Harry (or more likely, Hermione) has read from Petite Uniques
Antique (1890s to 1900s) French chromolithography miniature piano from Mdvanii